Xander Davis

Chief Executive Officer

Xander Davis is the Founder, CEO, and Client Lead of Grand Lake Host LLC and privately owns 100% of the company.

What has become Grand Lake Host today was first founded by Davis, an area native, in 2002 at age 17, before he had graduated Celina High School and later Wright State University at the Lake Campus with an Associate’s Degree in Technical Study (Graphic Design / Business Administration), having attended both simultaneously through a scholarship.  Some of the first Members he secured then were the City of Celina and their official website.  Xander has retained many Members throughout all this time, while pursuing parallel careers and ventures, continuously spanning nearly 20 years to the present day.

Prior to reinventing and relaunching the company in Summer 2019, Xander founded his own independent games studio and publisher, Astrogun, with debut title VAST soft-launched across all three major Apple platforms (macOS, iOS, and tvOS), and coming soon to Steam (Win / macOS).  Development is ongoing episodically.

Before Astrogun, Xander ran his own design studio, XD&A, specializing in serving games industry clients worldwide, himself a triple-A games industry veteran.  He had previously worked at major studios and publishers such as Activision Blizzard (High Moon Studios) on Transformers: War for Cybertron, Darksiders II at THQ (Vigil Games), and others, living in San Diego, Atlanta, Austin, and Las Vegas before returning to Celina.

He designed the brand identity and initial suite of e-commerce sites for Totally Promotional in Celina and worked as a designer at Brand Innovation Group (BIG) in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  Preceding this, Xander also worked as Lead Web-Designer and Photographer in Fortune 500 company Sweetwater Sound’s Marketing Department, where he also had his original music mastered at their world-class recording studio.

Before that, Xander was made Creative Director of SpinWeb Internet Media Inc., operating between both Muncie and Indianapolis, before even turning age 21.

Now, Xander is enrolled to return to Wright State Lake Campus in Celina by Fall 2020 to complete his Bachelor’s Degree in Entrepreneurship and pursue a Master of Business Administration (MBA) Degree thereafter.  He is also developing other companies in parallel, part of his own House Davis LLC family office and small businesses conglomerate that further owns positions in over 120 public corporations worldwide.

Xander is married to Elizabeth Davis and is father to their two sons, Grant Davis and Everett Davis.