Grand Lake Host to Help with COVID-19 Impact: Get Donations & 20% Off New Shop Sign-Ups

Grand Lake Host March 16, 2020 0 Comments

Grand Lake Host is offering assistance to any Members impacted by COVID-19 in our local community and economy.

We can implement a ‘Donations’ product for any and all Members, even if they do not have a Web Shop currently, for the community to band together and chip in to help our local businesses mitigate the impact that COVID-19 (the sudden and novel “coronavirus” pandemic).  This will be temporary and limited only to Donations, but we will leave it up for however long state-mandated business closures are in place. Grand Lake Host does not take a cut of any transactions on our Member sites.  A Donation product has a ‘Name Your Price’ input text field, where anyone can enter any amount and add that to Cart, completing Checkout.  Certain payment gateways can get funds from completed donations into your checking account instantaneously or within a few short days.  Reach out to us at if interested.

If your products have Shipping rates / fees, we can also temporarily disable them until you would like us to re-enable them again. Likewise, reach out to us at if interested.

With state-mandated business closures in certain sectors, such as school and restaurants/bars so far, now is PRECISELY the time to consider getting a website with a web-shop. For ANY new Members we will be offering a 20% discount for a full Standard Secure Shop tier Membership. Use code CVHELP at checkout and sign up here.  The discount is good for your first month, and the offered code will expire on April 30th— we will re-assess then whether to extend it based on the local situation.

It is part of our core mission to help our local community of entrepreneurs and businesses with our services and through any other means we can. We hope our Members and potential new Members will find this useful during these extraordinary and historic times.

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