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Grand Lake Host February 7, 2020 0 Comments

We have launched the new olive + ASH site built and hosted by Grand Lake Host at olive + ASH is a Member of our Platform through the Standard Secure Shop plan. The Web Shop has the Square payment gateway directly integrated for processing orders with credit cards securely, connected to the same account used for their physical point-of-sale terminals in their store.  The Web Shop can also accept PayPal and Afterpay.  Inventory is synced automatically with Lightspeed, which populates dynamically throughout the website.  The site design uses our Iniya Theme, from our ever-growing professional-grade Themes collection.  All of this, including ongoing updates and maintenance, is included with their plan.

olive + ASH is an on-trend clothing, accessories, and home & dry goods boutique on Celina, Ohio’s Main Street, available in-store and online, founded in early 2018 by co-owners Stacey Brunswick and Todd Bader.

Their goal is to help individuals love their life AND their style by offering an array of products for themselves and their home. Stop in and visit them or shop online 24/7 today!

Stacey approached Grand Lake Host after paying around five thousand dollars, PLUS hosting fees, to an expensive marketing agency in the area. All they did was install WordPress and a Theme and then failed to get her products integrated with her site and get a Web Shop operational. Their web-designers and developers weren’t even in this state. Instead they apparently resided in Texas, around 1,300 miles away, and Stacey had no direct contact with them. They had been ‘working on it’ for months with virtually no progress made.

When Stacey heard that our offer is only $39/mo for a Standard Secure Shop that could achieve all of this quickly, she was stunned.

We completely started over with her site from the ground up and got her Member web-account spun-up within 24-hours. It took a bit to get all of her inventory into Lightspeed, mainly just to photograph and upload images for all of her hundreds of products, but once that was achieved, we were able to install her Theme of choice and replace all demo content with her own in a matter of only a few weeks.

Her site is now live and fully operational.

The entire time, Stacey was in direct contact with us and our developers working directly on her site, 24/7.

Stacey is now in direct control of her site’s Web Shop. She can use the Lightspeed backend to edit, remove, or add anew any product. Our Web Shop auto-syncs with her Lightspeed account every day at a time of her choosing, and she can always push a manual sync herself anytime she wishes.

Completed transactions on her site will immediately show up in her Square account and any changes to inventory will be synced with Lightspeed.

Further, we have her Instagram account directly integrated with her site, so the latest images dynamically appear in this section on her homepage. This integration of her main site and social media will help cross-promote both and, with it, it’s even easier for Stacey to continuously add fresh content to her site without any coding required at all.  She can even do this directly from her iPhone, anytime and anywhere.

We at Grand Lake Host are very proud to have achieved all of this for Stacey at an affordable rate when our competitors could not (at outrageous fees).  And, comparatively, we did it in record time.  We look forward to continuing to work together with Stacey to grow and evolve her site even further over time, all included with her plan.

We can do all of this for you too, whether you have an existing site you want to migrate or want us to create a whole new one for you from scratch. Join us as a Member today!

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