Astrogun ( is Grand Lake Host Founder / CEO Xander Davis's own independent video game studio, founded in 2014 in Ohio after he had worked in the video games industry across San Diego, Atlanta, Austin, and Las Vegas and after he had returned to his hometown in Celina, Ohio in 2013, freelancing in the video games industry for another 5 years. Astrogun's debut title is VAST™ - Cosmic Treasure Hunters, available now on macOS, iOS, and tvOS and coming soon to Steam (Win / Mac).

Grand Lake Host's web-hosting platform hosts the Astrogun site with the Pro Secure Shop tier, a further testament to our services as we use them for our own sites with our sibling companies. These services that we offer our customers also spanned for Astrogun graphic design, branding, photography, video production, social media, content development (basic and advanced) and marketing.

Astrogun LLC
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Video Marketing Productions

We created a number of video marketing productions for Astrogun, namely the trailer, gamepad pairing videos, and a ‘Let’s Play’ video featuring Xander and Liz playing VAST.  This included graphic design, motion graphic design, video post-processing, color correction, video editing, sound design, music and music editing, final output management, uploading to social media channels and various video platforms, and media promotion.